ProChange is the SAP solution for the efficient administration and processing of applications and orders in the change management process. The affected objects from the PLM data model can be dynamically assigned for planning the change project with regard to effects, notes on implementation and costs.

ProChange is the ideal tool for the application and order flow in the change management process. It supports you in planning and decision-making for individual change projects, documented these in each phase and also gives you the option of adding relevant data to change projects.

Primary functions

With ProChange, all information relevant to the change project, including the logistical transaction data of the individual PLM objects, can be used as a basis for decision-making. Change projects are fully documented in each phase, and enrichment with additional relevant data is also possible.

  • Process mapping in phases
  • Identification of change project
  • Control of the process via milestones
  • Rule-based check of the assignment
  • Information on implementation

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