«ProConfiguration V8.2» released

Version 8.2 includes the integration of the SAP S/4HANA general maintenance task list (PM task list) into the PLM data model. This facilitates the display, maintenance, and testing associated with general maintenance task lists. This opens up the possibility of using ProConfiguration in the area of maintenance as well, allowing product lifecycles, processes and scenarios to be set up for relevant objects.

Support for maintenance instructions The integration of maintenance instructions has now been implemented in ProConfiguration data modeling as well as in object dependencies.


New Features

Document determination in logistics integration

Through the new BADI (Business Add-In) for logistics integration, it is now possible to fully customize the list of documents that are determined for a specific material. This provides the option to perform document determination and provisioning even if a material is not managed through ProConfiguration or certain configuration types do not use plant revisions or records.

Customizing in "Expert mode"

In Customizing, especially in "Expert mode", the detail views have been removed. This change now allows more efficient editing by using copy and paste.


Details about the release can be found at the Support Center.

More information about ProConfiguration can be found on the Product page.