«ProFramework 3.10» released

ProNovia ProFramework - The Application Framework - our intuitive and powerful middleware for modern, flexible and user-friendly multi-object and multi-layout applications is available in version 3.10.

This release brings increased usability and supports SAP S/4HANA maintenance guidance. In addition, material valuation data, including separate valuation and production resource/tool view information, is integrated.


New Features

Object Maintenance Instruction

A new object is now available in ProFramework applications: the maintenance task list (PM task list). This object can be used to represent maintenance task lists including their relationships.


Material Valuation Data

ProFramework applications now provide a new object and widget/form for material valuation data. Using this new item, valuation data for materials can be presented and edited, including separate valuation. The valuation data is presented accordingly in the Org Units widget.


Material data for the Production Resources/Tools view

ProFramework forms for the plant can now use data from the Manufacturing Resources and Tools (MFHM) table perspective. This enables the presentation and maintenance of production resource/tool data in the ProFramework forms.


Cost Breakdown Co-Product 

The ability to "Split Costs of Co-Products" is now available in the function trees for plants.


Long text fields

The display of long text fields as used in ProRequest has been optimized.


HTML GUI layout adjustment

New context menu functions are now available in the HTML GUI of ProFramework applications to allow layout customization. These functions allow customizing widgets in the layout of the application.


Details about the release can be found at the Support Center.

More information about ProConfiguration can be found on the Product page.