«ProConfiguration V8.0» released

ProNovia ProConfiguration - PLM Configuration Manager - our solution for defining and mapping comprehensive PLM processes and data models is available in release 8.0.

New functions and improvements

Determination of the client documents suitable for the revision

When determining the documents for the client, up to now the highest validity on client was always selected.
Now, the documents for the client are determined according to the plant revision. The behavior which validity on client is considered, can be parameterized. 

Documents of components and their parts lists in the production order

Now documents of assigned components and their bills of material can be considered in the integration to the production order.

Documents of parts lists of the material in the purchase order item

Documents from bills of material for the material masters can now also be taken into account in the integration to the purchase order item.

Integration in planned order

Integration now also supports the planned order

New integration in purchase requisition

The integration now also supports the purchase requisition

Selection of plant revision / validities in the integrations

The logic for determining the validity of the plant revision has been adapted so that data package changes are also taken into account and displayed.

New parameters for integration

For the selection of existing objects, various new parameters for selection / control are supported. Due to the extensive adjustments a customizing migration is necessary.

Logistic Integration in ProNovia SAP Integration

The CFM Logisitic Integration has been integrated into the ProNovia SAP Integration and is now also controllable via the corresponding settings in customizing.

Support of TRACE

The ProConfiguration Logistics Integration now supports ProNovia TRACE:

  • Used logistic object type
  • Use of an escape language for a document
  • Newly linked documents

Details about the release can be found in the Support Center.

More information about ProConfiguration on the Product page.