«ProConfiguration V8.1» released

ProNovia ProConfiguration - PLM Configuration Manager - our solution for defining and mapping comprehensive PLM processes and data models is available in release 8.1.

With Release 8.1, the SAP HANA master recipe is supported in the PLM data model regarding to display, maintenance and validation. This will also ensure the corresponding integration of the ProConfiguration plant revision in the process order.

This enables the use of ProConfiguration in the process industry as well and product lifecycles, processes and scenarios can be set up for the relevant PLM objects.


New Features

Master recipe support

The master recipe is now supported in the ProConfiguration data model and the object dependencies.

Logistic integration with support of process order

The process order is integrated into the ProConfiguration plant revision.

Performance optimizations

Various optimizations in many object links and component assignments improve performance.


Details about the release can be found at the Support Center.

More information about ProConfiguration can be found on the Product page.