«ProMaterial V2» released

ProMaterial allows an efficient material master record creation and maintenance in SAP ERP. The innovative user interface can be flexibly adapted down to the user level. This makes it easy to create and maintain the various areas and organizational levels of the material master. In order to create and maintain a material master in SAP ERP, ProMaterial offers various functions that facilitate the work and increase the efficiency of the company. Data is created, maintained and displayed dynamically depending on the product lifecycle and data status. High user-friendliness is achieved by defining role-specific interfaces and forms, e.g. in logistics, engineering, etc.

Product release V2 "Bermuda" extends the integrated maintenance and display of the supported SAP standard objects and data fields. In addition, the following data can be maintained integrated in ProMaterial: check parameters, MRP areas and production versions. The ProMaterial user interface can now be seamlessly integrated into business processes via ProNovia role-based navigation, mapped via ProProcess. This means that roles or activity-based interfaces and forms for master data maintenance can be integrated into the processes.

ProMaterial V2 supports the following objects in the material master environment:

  • Material
  • work
  • distribution chain
  • storage location
  • warehouse number
  • storage type

The following data is therefore available for maintenance and display on these objects:

  • General Material Data (MARA)
  • Plant data for the material (MARC)
  • Storage Location Data for Material (MARD)
  • Material Valuation (MBEW)
  • Material data per warehouse number (MLGN)
  • Material data per storage type (MLGT)
  • Forecast parameters (MPOP)
  • Sales data for the material (MVKE)

Further information can be found on the product page.