«ProProcess V1.2» released

ProNovia ProProcess - Business Process Framework - our platform for easy mapping of any business processes with direct integration to create and maintain SAP data is available in Release 1.2.

The solution has been enhanced with new functions and offers many improvements:

  • The graphical representation of the processes has been improved and the performance optimized
    • Display the role for agents
    • Display of the processor of the activity has completed  
  • The Fiori app for the evaluation of processes now allows the sorting and grouping of processes
  • The priority of activities can be adjusted by the user in the ProProcess Inbox
  • Improvements in process design
    • Improved support for premature end of process
    • New report for the mass checking of processes 
    • Improvement of the "Test process" function
    • Gates can be moved in the Process Designer

Details about the release can be found in the Support Center.