«ProProcess V2.0» released

ProNovia ProProcess - Business Process Framework - our platform for easy mapping of any business process with direct integration to create and maintain SAP data is available in release 2.0 (codename "Dragon Fruit"). The release includes over 50 improvements, various internal optimizations and 12 new functionalities.

Excerpt from the new functions: 

  • Object list: ProProcess 2.0 introduces the possibility of an object list. So you can add several objects to a process, which can be distributed and used in the process for different tasks. It is also possible to maintain additional data for these objects and reuse them in the process.
  • Subprocesses: Newly, the start of additional processes can be modeled directly within a process. This allows processes to be divided into smaller reusable sub-processes and processed both serially and in parallel. 
  • Support of new SAP objects: Various additional SAP objects can be processed with a process or integrated into the process. (Characteristic, work center, document structure, class, material sales data, material BOM, inspection plan, normal routing, business partner, general customer/debtor, customer, general vendor/creditor, creditor, vendor, G/L account, G/L account in company code)
  • New tasks: Various new tasks are available, e.g. create / change SAP object, create document version, create language document, create material view, mass status change etc.
  • Process display in "Org.Unit" widget: Running processes are displayed in the "Organizational Units (Material)" widget.
  • Export of ProProcess graphic: Now the process graphic can be downloaded in the ProProcess Designer.

Details about the release can be found in the Support Center.