«ProProcess V2.2» released

ProNovia ProProcess – Business Process Framework – our platform for easy mapping of any business processes with direct integration to create and maintain SAP data is available in release 2.2. The release includes improvements, various internal optimizations and new functionalities.

New functions

  • Exclusion of users: Users can be excluded from processing an activity - for example, because they have completed the task to be checked or are the initiator of the process. This can be used, for example, to implement checking processes that take into account a multiple-eye principle. Excluded agents are not sent a work item and cannot perform the activity and its tasks either as agents or as responsible persons. The exclusion of agents can take place via role or expression and can be dynamically restricted using filters.
  • Dynamic responsible persons: Selection filters (analogous to agents of activities) are now also supported for (partial) process owners. Thus, for example, the process owners for a plant process can be defined dynamically depending on the plant. Accordingly, the functions for responsible persons are also dynamically supported, such as notifications in the process.
  • BAdI for dynamic process adaptation: It is now possible to define the dynamic process adaptation as well as some information about the process itself directly in the BAdI for the process start. For example, it is possible to influence the process priority or the process deadlines for a request process depending on the request data on the ProRequest form.

Details about the release can be found in the Support Center.