«ProProcess V2.3» released

ProNovia ProProcess - Business Process Framework - our platform for easy mapping of any business processes with the direct integration to create and maintain SAP data is available in release 2.3.

The release offers new options for controlling processes and includes a number of new enhancements.

New functions

  • Extension of object list with fields date of addition & user: Now the user who added the object as well as the date on which the object was added are displayed at the list of objects for the process as well as in the object assignment.
  • Support of minutes for appointments: Now minutes are also supported as a unit of duration in appointments.
  • Objects in the object list can be defined depending on the main object: Newly, information of the main object can also be used to define the legitimacy of objects in the object list. This makes it possible, for example, to only allow documents of a certain type (e.g. TDP) in the object list if the material type of the main object has a certain value (e.g. HALB).
  • Make report tasks more flexible: It is now possible to supply individual parameters/select options of the report with values in addition to the variant. It is possible to use constants or expressions. This allows the program to execute tasks related to the actual process - e.g. send e-mails with process data to non-process participants.
  • Custom non-persistent container items: At the process level, custom container items can be marked as non-persistent. The values of non-persistent containers can be determined by a BAdI at runtime and are therefore suitable for determining data that can be derived either from the process or from the current environment.

Details about the release can be found in the Support Center.

Further information on the product page.