«ProProcess V3.0» released

ProNovia ProProcess - Business Process Framework - our platform for easy mapping of any business processes with direct integration to create and maintain SAP data is available in release 3.0.

The release offers a clearer and more intuitive processing and view of the tasks in the workflow. The completion of activities is now possible in bulk via a multiple selection.
Over 20 other improvements have been incorporated into the release for the roles involved in the process.

New Functions

Close activity

It is now possible to complete activities in the inbox via context menu with multiple selection. Furthermore, the task widget now also allows to complete the activity.

Revision of the task widget

The task widget in the SAP GUI has been revised and the following improvements have been made:

  • The "Completed" column shows at a glance whether the task:
    • Completed,
    • is optional or mandatory
    • or if data like signature or log are missing.
  • Text tasks are now completed in "Execute" column.
  • Resetting the task is newly executed in a new column.
  • Completing the activity is now also possible using a function in the widget title.

New task "Execute transaction"

A task for any transaction call is now supported.

Inbox: "open tasks"

Newly, the number of open tasks (mandatory/optional) is displayed in the widget of the inbox.

Inbox: Display "Forwarded by"

Newly the column "Forwarded by" is provided in the inbox

Inbox: Number of entries to be displayed can be defined

It is now possible to define in the Inbox how many entries are to be displayed. This can improve performance.

Inbox: new central inbox

The customizing template provides a new Inbox transaction/pch/bpf3 that allows a central Inbox with navigation to the activities.

Task functions for administrators

A user with administrator rights can now set the status of the tasks (complete, cancel, reject) via context functions on the tasks.

Standard layouts adapted

In the inbox, object list display and process list (reporting), the standard layout has been adapted so that relevant information can be seen more quickly.

Object identification

In the Inbox and the Process List, the Object Identification column (configuration type, document type, request type, etc...) is now supported as a technical value and description.

"Narrow" form for activity

A new form is provided for displaying activities, which is narrowly designed so that it can be displayed in the left pane.

Performance improvements

Performance improvements have been made in the process design and user interfaces.

Display of container values in the process

A widget is now provided to display the values of the persistent container items. This is particularly useful for analysis purposes.


Details about the release can be found in the Support Center.

Further information on the product page.