«ProProcess V3.1» released

ProNovia ProProcess - Business Process Framework - our platform for easy mapping of any business processes with the direct integration to create and maintain SAP data is available in release 3.1.

The release allows copying entries including formulas in the Process Designer, offers new options for controlling mandatory tasks, improvements in the reporting environment and other numerous optimizations.

New Functions

Copy Process Designer entries

It is now possible to copy entries with stored conditions (formulas) within the process definition in the Process Designer. This concerns among other things:

  • Responsible
  • Processors
  • Possible agents
  • Excluded agents
  • Notifications
  • Object status

Reporting: parameter for time duration in days

The reporting widgets for processes allow to specify the time duration in which processes were started. (e.g. processes of the last 30 days)

Reporting: object status in reporting widgets as columns

Reporting: Process status selection preset

Process statuses are now preselected in the reporting selection widgets

Support of TRACE

ProProcess now supports ProNovia TRACE to evaluate formulars.


Details about the release can be found in the Support Center.

Further information on the product page.