«ProRequest V2.0» released

ProNovia ProRequest - Request Management Client - our form application for initializing a business process with the creation and management of a request object is available in release 2.0.

The release enables rule-based maintenance and verification of application forms through the integration of the ProNovia Formula Editor in the customizing

New functions

Rule-based maintenance and checking on the form fields

Default values, checks and dependent values can be defined on the forms using the ProNovia Formula Editor.

  • Dependent values
    • Field a sets value in field b
    • Field a, b and c sets value in field d
    • Field a sets value in b, field b sets value in c
  • Set default value
    • Set default values on new creation
  • Value checks
    • Value check on fields, depending on other fields and values of the application
  • Role reference
    • Rules can be set depending on the new ProRequest roles

Technical structure and field for search helps and value checks

Newly, a technical structure and a field from it can be used instead of a data element in the customizing of the fields.

This allows the correct connection of search helps and value checks, even over several fields of the same structure.


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More details about ProRequest can be found in the product page.