«ProRequest V2.1» released

ProNovia ProRequest - Request Management Client - our form application for initializing a business process with the creation and management of a request object is available in release 2.1.

The release enables the reporting of applications according to various criteria, improved data entry, possible mass status changes and includes administration functions.

New Functions

Reporting of requests

New widgets are available for reporting:

  • Dynamic evaluation via a selection widget and display in a results widget.
  • Requests for which the current user is the creator
  • Requests that are in defined statuses

The displayed applications in list form allow to view/modify and (mass) change the status of applications.

New applications

The AWF customizing template for ProRequest contains 2 sample applications that include parameterized reporting widgets

  • Transaction /PCH/RQF "ProRequest Application
  • Transaction /PCH/RQF1 "ProRequest Reporting

New Applications

Das AWF Customizing Template für ProRequest beinhaltet 2 beispielhafte Anwendungen die parametrisierte Reporting Widgets beinhalten

  • Transaktion /PCH/RQF "ProRequest Anwendung"
  • Transaktion /PCH/RQF1 "ProRequest Reporting"

Administration functions

Administration functions for setting the request status as a single and mass operation are now available via ProRequest Customizing. A corresponding authorization object is delivered.

Dependencies from dropdown immediately visible

If fields, which are displayed as dropdown, have dependencies to other fields, these are now immediately displayed if the data on the mask changes.

TRACE support

ProRequest now supports ProNovia TRACE:

  • Evaluation of formulas
  • ProRequest roles assigned to users

Details about the release can be found in the Support Center

More details about ProRequest can be found in the product page.