«ProStructure V2.3» released

ProStructure enables controlled creation of multi-level product structures that can be derived from a reference structure and modified. When the reference structure is changed, the target structure is synchronized manually or automatically. Release 2.3 offers new possibilities to improve performance when working with ProStructure.

New functions and improvements

  • Do not load last structure relation:
    New application option "Do not load object on startup" allows the last structure relation not to be loaded automatically when ProStructure is started.
  • Depth of resolution of structure relationship in formulas:
    In the formulas for determining the control groups, the hierarchy level is now also available. This means that a stop can also be set depending on the structure depth. A stop on the reference can improve the performance.
  • "Stop" assemblies:
    An assembly that receives a stop marker based on the customizing of the control group is initially no longer read completely. This has a positive effect on the performance depending on the structure depth. There is now a "Header data" column available in the reference, which represents such a set stop in the reference.

Details about the release can be found in the Support Center.

Further information on the product page.