Master Data Management

ProNovia SAP MaterialManagementClient (MMC)

ProNovia SAP MaterialManagementClient (MMC) allows efficient material master creation and maintenance in SAP ERP. The innovative user interface is flexible even on user level. Material master for different sections and organizational levels (client, plant and distribution) can be easliy created and maintained. All operations as well as the display of the data takes place dynamically, depending on ht eproduct lifecycle and data states.

ProNovia SAP ObjectLifecycleManager (OLM)

SAP ObjectLifecycleManager (OLM) allows flexible mapping and processing of status controlled processes on material master records, documents and change management records. Processes can be easily set-up and changes can be adapted flexibly within the organizational structures. Because of the complete and continuous recording of all processes including digital signatures, process states can be controlled and evaluated transparently and consistently at any time.

ProNovia SAP EasyBrowse (ESB)

SAP EasyBrowse (ESB) allows hierarchic object searches across classes with graphical navigation. Based on the integration in existing search helps the user acceptance can be increased significantly and the search times can be reduced.

ProNovia SAP PLM StructureControlClone (SCC)

SAP PLM StructureControlClone (SCC) allows efficient and iterative copying of material and document structures in relation to the entire PLM data model (including CAD structures and objects) but also duplication of material views to additional organizational units. Product and design variants as well as product outplacing can be realized extremely simple and efficient.

ProNovia SAP StructureManagementClient (SMC)

The ProNovia SAP StructureManagementClient (SMC) enables the controlled creation of multi-level product structures, which can be derived and modified from a reference structure. When the reference structure is changed, the target structure manually or automatically synchronized. The behavior in case of structural differences, the validation rules and the user interface can be configured. SMC can also be used for pure comparison of two structures.

ProNovia SAP MaterialMasterSupport (MMS)

SAP PLM MaterialMasterSupport (MMS) supports the automatic and rule-based creation, maintenance and validation of material master data. Users can concentrate on controlling and complementing few, predefined fields. Repeating maintenance routines will become unnecessary. This will not only reduce the throughput time in case of a material creation process and material maintenance process significantly, furthermore it will increase the date quality.

ProNovia SAP PLM Client (PLC)

SAP PLM Client (PLC) is the central interface to display, manage and edit all relevant SAP PLM objects and therefor the essential cockpit for every user. It allows quick and intuitive navigation between objects and provides a clearly arranged display of all required data.

ProNovia SAP PLM StructureControl (MSC)

With SAP PLM StructureControl (MSC) certain processes can be mapped for the mass mutation over structures and object selections. Possible for object «material master» and «document info record».

ProNovia SAP PLM Administrator (ADM)

SAP PLM Administrator (ADM) provides essential functions for SAP PLM administrators and the SAP document management system. Erroneous data and data duplications can be corrected and cleaned consistently with simple tools. Additional help is provided with mass operations for the reorganization of different master data.