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SAP process and data optimisation with ProNovia

Client R&M

R&M, Reichle & De-Massari AG, is one of the leading international providers in the information and communication technology sector. The Swiss family-owned company implements cabling solutions for the most diverse requirements and areas of application. Since it was founded in 1964, R&M has continued to develop. Today the company has its own market organisations in more than 40 countries on all continents, is the market leader in Switzerland and ranks as one of the top players in Europe and the Middle East. 1250 employees at R&M create leading solutions for high-quality communication networks.


In order to increase efficiency and security in product lifecycle management, R&M commissioned ProNovia to gradually introduce ProPLM across the entire corporate network. This SAP total solution serves the optimisation of all processes around the product lifecycle.

The aim of the introduction was to improve data quality and to map clear product states over the product lifecycle and thus achieve improved process handling. At the same time, the requirement was to reduce the effort for data maintenance through improved input forms and rule based creation, changes and approvals of master data.


The SAP products ProPLMClient, ProMaterialData and ProObjectLifecycle were implemented as the basis for future rollouts at the production plant in Bulgaria. The reasons to use ProNovia product, was the fact, that the products are proven, efficient, scalable, secure and very well documented. Subsequently, the solution was rolled out to other locations. In a later step, the solution was extended with the configuration management of ProNovia, which resulted in the use of the SAP product ProConfiguration in Switzerland, Poland and Bulgaria. The complete solution is now also being used in Dubai and the USA. With the global introduction of ProFramework, the solution now has a modern SAP UI architecture, which leads to greater efficiency and ease of use.

«Thanks to ProNovia's integrated solutions, we are now in a position to map our product status unambiguously and efficiently apply the creation and change processes of master data and, based on this, guarantee data quality worldwide. The entire organisation becomes more efficient in handlich business processes through uniform processes and data models.»

Detailed solutions

ProConfiguration – SAP Solution – PLM Configuration Manager

  • General
    • Mapping of a product lifecycle and the associated data model at group and plant level

    • Integration or control of the release and change process via ProObject lifecycle based on SAP Business Workflow

    • Ensuring data consistency

    • Defined processing scenarios for the handling of the data model

    • Creation of defined product status via validity control

  • Data model
    • Engineering data model with integration from Team Center

    • Production data model for materials produced in-house at plant level


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ProMaterialData – SAP Solution – Material Master Support

  • Depending on the defined rules, various material views and material master data are created, changed or verified, including material classification

  • Integration with ProConfiguration


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ProProcess – SAP Solution – Business Process Framework

  • Material master processes at group and plant level for opening, changing and discontinuing global and local material masters

  • Integration or control via the SAP Business Workflow processes of ProProcess


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ProPLMClient – SAP Solution – PLM Client

  • Central interface for displaying, managing and editing all relevant SAP PLM objects


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ProOffice - SAP Solution – DMS MS Office Integration

  • Data synchronization via Microsoft Office document properties

  • Data transfer via status or process controlled

  • Simplified data maintenance

  • Ensuring data consistency


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ProAdmin - SAP Solution – PLM Administrator

  • Tool for correcting erroneous data for material and document master data

  • Set status / person responsible

  • Document originals store / import / remove / export

  • Change Classification Data


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ProNovia services at a glance

  • Concept of configuration management

  • Implementation of the solution via customizing and customer-specific developments together with R&M

  • Execution of solution and product training sessions

  • Project management together with R&M

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