ProIntegrationLib allows the consistent administration of CAx/PDM objects in the ProNovia ProConfiguration data model. Depending on the selected CAx integration scenario, the CAx-specific objects can be created and changed. Depending on the CAx system used, the CAx objects can be mapped in the data model on the basis of a standardised design methodology.

You want to consistently manage CAx objects and their object relationships in the PLM data model? The best tool for this is ProIntegrationLib. This SAP solution offers various functions to manage CAx objects in a processoriented and integrated manner in the PLM data model.

Primary functions

ProIntegrationLib gives you the tools to stringently manage CAx/PDM objects in the ProNovia ProConfiguration data model. This enables the mapping of a uniform design methodology such as raw/finished part relationships, installation states, CAx auxiliary structures, etc.

  • Automatic modification of CAx objects
  • Clear representation of the configuration states
  • Administrative tools
  • Handling of structural conflicts
  • Establishment of structural relationships
  • RFC-enabled BAPI library for integrating external systems

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