ProOffice enables the automatic, status- and process-driven transfer of data from SAP master data to Microsoft Office documents. Thanks to the automatic updating of documents from the leading SAP system, redundancies are eliminated and consistent data is guaranteed. The automatic update takes place directly on the SAP server.

Increased efficiency when using SAP DMS, assured data consistency and extremely low effort for changes to template documents: ProOffice enables data transfer from SAP master data to Microsoft Office documents and supports you thus in various work processes.

Primary functions

Documents updated in the process with ProOffice are the basis for conversion to neutral formats, e.g. PDF, via the SAP conversion interface. Inspection and approval processes on the document originals and the neutral format can be recorded with corresponding data on date and name or issuer, inspector and approver.

  • Data transfer controlled by status or process
  • Data synchronisation via Microsoft Office document properties
  • Simplified data maintenance
  • Ensuring data consistency
  • Customer-specific extensions can be implemented

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