New solution ProProcess analysis

As a ProProcess customer, you already map your processes digitally in the S4/HANA system.

These processes need to be continuously optimized. This is where the role of the process owner comes into play.

Accordingly, the process owner needs the possibility to check relevant KPI's for the processes processed in S4/HANA.


The new ProProcess Analysis solution enables Operation Excellence for process optimization to be carried out in a system-supported manner.

ProProcess Analysis automatically collects the necessary statistical data on your processes that are handled via ProProcess.

The following data on all relevant process elements is collected, for example

Times / missed deadlines

  • Routes
  • Data on activities
  • Based on this data, ProProcess Analysis enables graphically supported analysis in a modern SAP Fiori app.

The most important KPI's for the processes are prepared in such a way that a fast and efficient analysis is possible and possible optimization potentials can be easily identified.

Relevant KPI's are e.g:

  • Average throughput, idle and processing times of activities
  • Overrun times for activities / processes not processed on schedule
  • Number of completed and aborted activities and processes
  • The integrated display of the entire process with all its elements and the process sequences for dynamic processes also enables a detailed analysis.

ProProcess Analysis provides