ProNovia launches innovative Fiori app

The new Fiori app from ProNovia combines intuitive user-friendliness with powerful functionality to make workflows more efficient.

Fiori apps are cutting-edge applications that are designed with the user in mind by providing an intuitive user interface. Fiori apps enable users to complete tasks faster, analyze data more easily and make decisions in real time.


What makes our app special?

With our app, thanks to a smart field control, you have the option to enable or disable the input fields as needed.


Why did we develop this app?

In today's corporate world, application processes are omnipresent. The ever-growing number of applicants requires a solution that is accessible to a broad user base. Our app is also aimed at occasional users, regardless of their SAP knowledge or access to the SAP GUI.


The advantages at a glance

Our design concept focuses on providing a simple and intuitive user experience. The functions are reduced to the essentials to cover only the relevant tasks and roles.


Visual presentation

Through a visual presentation, our app displays all applications and their current status so that you always have an overview of the performance and efficiency of your applications.



Overall, with our new app, we are striving to make application processes more efficient while expanding the user base. Our solution offers a user-friendly interface, quick familiarization and a visual representation of important key figures - all with the aim of increasing your productivity and satisfaction.